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​The process towards promoting and regulating Child Day Care Services in Malta has in the last years been proceeding at a steady pace, so as to meet the needs of both service-users and service-providers.

Child Day Care Services are either provided within specifically designed facilities or within private homes. The latter is known as a home-based service. In both cases, parents would like to feel assured that their children are well looked after by suitable persons within suitable premises.

Babies and children up to the age of three are particularly vulnerable and require the best possible care for their well-being and development. It is important that persons entrusted with the care of children, do give infants the best alternative care possible, and that standards are maintained to ensure the safety and well-being of these children.

Throughout these past years, considerable effort has been invested in the early childhood development and care sector. The most important milestones achieved so far include:

  • The publication of the National Standards for Child Day Care Facilities in July 2006;
  • ETC's European Social Fund project for Childcare Facilities at the work place;
  • The drawing up of separate planning guidelines for Childcare facilities by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority ;
  • The Improvement Grant Scheme for Child Day Care Facilities as announced in the Budget Speech for 2006;
  • The Provisional Registration of Child Day Care Facilities;
  • The National Information Campaign of the Benefits of Quality Child Care.