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Language Learning and Parental Support for Integration - LLAPSI

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: May 18, 2015

Language Learning and Parental Support for Integration  LLAPSI is a series of three projects run by the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE) and cofunded by the European Union under the Migration Funds. The Projects aim to provide migrant learners in school with further support in basic and functional language learning over and above the teaching that is already provided by the class teachers. This will help migrant learners to be included and participate in mainstream education.  The Projects also aim at giving migrant parents or significant adults the necessary awareness and support with regards to the schooling system and their role in their child’s education.  The Projects include the recruitment of  Language Support Assistants and Parent Leaders who collaborate with the School Management Team, class teachers, CE teachers and other service providers in order to help learners in language acquisition and inclusion. 

LLAPSI 1, co-funded through the European Refugee Fund, spanned the scholastic year 2013-2014 and came to an end in June 2014.  All staff recruited within the project were trained.   The support was provided from the Qormi Centre as well as within a number of schools in Malta. Teaching and learning resources were also procured within LLAPSI 1.

LLAPSI 2 and 3, co-funded by the Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals and the Refugee Integration Fund respectively, are currently active and will come to an end in June 2015.  The DQSE had already led another project under these funds, namely IF07-11 which targeted the training in TEFL of a specific cohort of literacy teachers working with migrant learners.  The DQSE is also currently leading other two EU co-funded projects under the Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals which are Project CCOAST  the development of a Core Competences Online Assessment Tool and Project RESS – the procurement of Reading and Spelling Software both of which will be used with migrant learners in schools.