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National School Support Services



Director, National School Support Services (NSSS)
Directorate for Educational Services (DES)
Fra Gaetano Pace Forno Street

Tel:  2598 3489 / 25983423 / 2598 3421
Fax: 21233513
Email :  

The mission statement of the Directorate for Educational Services is to ensure the effective and efficient operation and delivery of services to the Colleges State schools within an established framework of decentralisation and autonomy.

  • To support and encourage schools and Colleges in the promotion of school library services and cultural activities within schools; 
  • To ensure the provision of effective services of counsellors, social workers, psychologists and other professional persons according to the needs of students and their families in collaboration with the Colleges;    
  • To provide the resources required for inclusive and special educational programmes and for other schemes related to individual educational needs in conjunction with Colleges and schools; 
  • To ensure the supply and the coordination of vocational and career guidance services, including the implementation of programmes aimed at achieving improved school-workplace correlation and assist in the transition stages, including those from school to work; 
  • To ensure the provision of services required to deal effectively with issues of good conduct and discipline, of child abuse, of bullying and of drug abuse; 
  • To promote the physical and mental health of students through health information and promotion, medical screening services and healthy life-style programmes; 
  • To support the Colleges in the organisation of special initiatives and projects;    
  • To cooperate with local and foreign institutions, and encourage and facilitate a better participation in programmes, scholarships, and the international exchange of students and personnel, particularly in the institutions and programmes of the European Union.