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St Clare College San Miguel Primary Education Resource Centre


​The Centre was named after San Miguel who was from Ecuador and who was a Brother with the Freres. He was a born teacher and had education at heart. The school was officially opened on the 15th June 1989.

San Miguel Primary Education Resource Centre caters for Primary School learners with Individual Educational Needs (IEN).  The school aims to provide an education designed to meet the needs of individual pupils.

Facilities in the school range from specially designed classrooms and other therapeutic areas, to a hydrotherapy pool and a visual room equipped with multi-sensory equipment to create a stimulating environment. For learners using wheelchairs or buggies, specialized transport is provided.

Importance is given to parental participation and parents are encouraged to be directly involved in the Educational Programme of their children. IEP conferences are held annually.

This Centre also offers its services and specialized programmes to babies, kinder and primary school aged learners with IEN from mainstream schools.


Links with other mainstream schools in Malta, NGO's and also with other schools in the United Kingdom have been developed.

Contact Information:
Ms Marica Gatt
Head of Resource Centre

St Clare College
San Miguel Primary Education Resource Centre
A.N.Z.A.C.  Road
Pembroke PBK 1840