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Council for the Teaching Profession

Mission Statement
The promotion of high standards of professional competence, conduct and commitment to teaching and learning.
The Council has the following responsibilities
  • to keep under review and assess education and training standards and on the fitness to each of each person who chooses to practise the teaching profession.
  • to examine applications for a warrant to practise the teaching profession and to make recommendations to the Minister on the award or refusal thereof.
Organisation Structure 
Chairperson, Board Members and Secretary to the Board

Chairperson of the Council         
​​​​Dr. Mateja Farrugia

Members of the Council                                                                                

Dr. Glorianne Borg Axisa​

Mr. Randall Cilia

Ms. Roberta Anne Caruana

Prof. Sandro Caruana

Ms. Catherine Falzon

Ms. Nicky Azzopardi

Dr. Claire Felice Pace

Ms Elaine Germani

Prof. Suzanne Piscopo​

Ms. Marie Angela Schembri Meli

Ms. Mary Grace Gerada

Ms. Melanie Olivari Saliba​

Council Secretary                        
Ms Jennifer Grima 
The Council for the Teaching Profession was established according to Article 26 of the Education Act on the 29th of July 2008. It consists of 13 members; the President is appointed by the Minister from amongst persons who have the qualifications to serve as magistrate or judge; three registered teachers are appointed by the Minister and chosen from the Directorate for Quality and Standards and the Directorate for Educational Services; four registered teachers are elected by their peers; two registered teachers are appointed following nominations made by the University of Malta; two registered teachers are appointed following nominations made by the Malta Union of Teachers and a parent is nominated by the Parents’ Association.
Education Act Chapter 327. Legal Notice 179 of 2008 brought into force  Articles 23 -42 of the Education Act on the 29th of July 2008. The Education Act was amended in virtue of Act XIII of 2012.
Policy Documents
LN 414 of 2012 Education Act (Cap. 327) Teachers (Code of Ethics and Practice) Regulations, 2012. 
The new code sets out the key principles of good conduct and practice for teachers, and is intended to guide teachers’ practice judgments and decisions and inform parents, and the community of these standards. It also aims to encourage teachers to adopt an informed approach to their teaching and its contexts and to reflect on the good and correct practices as professional teachers.
The functions of the Council are clearly outlined in article 27 of the Education Act and may be classified as follows:
Regulatory Functions
The Council:
  • keeps under review and assess education and training standards;
  • holds an official register of all registered teachers and another register of those holding a temporary teacher’s warrant. Records are kept of any suspension, cancellation and reinstatement of a warrant;
  • keeps an official register of all teachers’ partnerships;
  • inquires into any allegation of professional misconduct, gross negligence or incompetence by a teacher.
    Advisory Functions
    The Council provides advice to the Hon. Minister on:
    • the initial training and continuing professional development of teachers, the establishment of standards, practises, procedures and other duties related to the profession of the teacher;
    • the experience and qualifications required for holding and retaining a warrant; and
    • the revision of the legal framework regarding professional conduct and code of ethics.
    Operational Functions
    The Council:
    • promotes and encourages initiatives which ensure a continuing professional training and development programme for warrant holders;
    • processes applications for a warrant to practise the teaching profession;
    • makes recommendations on the award or refusal of a warrant to the Hon. Minister;
    • issues warrant certificates to teachers who meet the required academic and professional standard; and
    • records information in relation to associations representing teachers in Malta.